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Interactive installation, sound, animation, drawing. 2008-2010

Sound-Lines is an interactive sound sculpture composed of sensors that trigger archived sounds and animated words. The project was inspired by an ancient database and references a specific historical artifact called the Khipu or Quipu (a 13th century Incan device used for recording data). Inspired by this device, the collaborating artists created a 21st century database compiled of descriptive words and sounds that animate on a screen when there is human interaction. A sound and associated word/phrase, coded to be drawn at random from a database, is triggered each time a visitor touches a sensor. This animated word/phrase is projected on a paper screen. Over time the word/phrase diminishes and evolves into a single line. Thus each visitor leaves a mark. If the sensors are not engaged, the viewer will see a series of white lines, the visitors’ marks, on the paper.

Sound-Lines, a collaborative project, was supported by the creative initiative e-MobiLArt (European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists). Collaborators: Cliona Harmey, Christine Mackey, Nita Tandon, and Lorraine Walsh.

Special thanks to external collaborators and technical support: Jeremy Bernstein, Peter Ceglavek, Lei Han, and Elliot Sinyor.

Leonardo Journal article: “SOUND-LINES,” Leonardo Journal (Volume 43, Issue 5, p. 502, 2010). Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, MIT Press.