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Exhibition Design

The Petrosains Science Center is located in the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Completed in 1998, this building was once considered the world's tallest. In 1995, the design exhibition firm, DMCD Inc., was awarded the contract to design a 100,000 square foot science museum. As a senior designer for DMCD, I worked with the exhibition design team on the science discovery center.

DMCD's concept was for visitors to use a Newton (an innovative pioneering tool at the time for mobile computing technologies - soon to be replaced by PDA systems) to access information throughout the museum. This innovation was key for their being awarded the design contract. Using the Newton, visitors could locate where they were in the museum, control robots and displays, access interpretative audio, view animations, and print information from exhibits.

The Newton device became known as the ARIF, a Malay word for "wise man" or "seer." The development of the ARIF system was complex and required a team of hardware and software engineers, designers, and coders. The exhibition design and ARIF coordination team was led by Scott Guerin.