Digital prints, animation, installation, 2007

Fly Zones began as an exploration and study of insect shapes and pattern for the creation of new form and alternative environments. However, as I worked on this project I found global realities more compelling. Thus, the series became a comment on the Iraq war. Many of the titles are the language of war: Fly Zone, Landing Zone, etc. The resulting prints and animation express the transitory nature of life, while representing hope. The final stage of the life cycle of the butterfly as depicted in this work considers warfare, and the stages of war, albeit in a subtle and oblique expression. The animation Falling Btfly Zones is actually one image of a butterfly, as a metaphor for a soldier. The image is coded to replicate at random, hover in space for a few seconds, then drop and fade.

Note: The subjects of the prints and animation were selected from my insect collection. Additionally, I photographed many of the insects in the jungles of Belize and the mountains of Western North Carolina. They include the Diathria clymena and Cithaeria aurorina (or Glasswing), Peru; Papilio blumei, Indonesia; Morpho adonis, French Guiana; Morpho, Belize; Dione Juno, Peru; Appias Nero, Philippines; and the Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail, Pterourus appalachiensis, North Carolina, United States.